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Tuesday Drivel Supplemental: What Do I Do Now?

Bowl of chili with cheese, onions, and a spoon.
What secrets does this bowl contain? Only my innards know. Maybe soon some of my outards.

Went to Chili's for dinner tonight. Nothing special, run of the mill visit to a place I know well.

Our server, well, he's the stand out part of the adventure. He's...he does things at his own frequency.

Late in the meal, he comes up to the table and asks us, "Everything good? Have your Chili's dreams been fulfilled?"

I stopped dead where I was, put down my fork, and looked up at him.

"I did not, until this moment, know that I even had Chili's Dreams," I reply.

He is stunned at first and nervously looks at my dining companions. He blinks probably four times, and snaps out of his haze.

"Okay, well, sounds like it's all good, then," and he's away to the next table, or to the kitchen dimension, or wherever it is that they go back there. I'm not sure.

All I know for sure is that I now have Chili's Dreams. I do not know fully what all of them are, but I am now aware of their existence.


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