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Okay, I'll Give it a Shot

A snowy backyard.
The beautiful snowy view from someone else's door.

Well, there's snow outside. And there's a good layer of ice under that. Here in Middle Tennessee we're surviving better than some and about as badly as most.

This has me thinking about the...

And Holy Crap my Facebook account got hacked today!

Yeah, whatever I was saying before just got lost, right out the window.

Ya know, it wasn't that much trouble to secure the account. Clicked some buttons, got a code on my phone. Blah blah blah. Secure. it? Will I sit there from now on wondering if there's someone watching everything I do on FB from inside my account?

That's secondary to what almost happened today. I almost walked away from Facebook today. I had the out. Yep. I considered letting the hacking of my account be the "walk away" moment for me.

Why? Well, I actually get no joy out of the app. It's literally just used for business. Why, some of my regular Tuesday Drivel readers only come here after I've shared a link on my FB group and then shared it through my personal account.

That's right. If I quit Facebook today, I might never get another Tuesday Drivel reader ever again.

What a thought, eh?

But I did get a momentary thrill of...freedom? I think it was...when I considered the option. No more scrolling the feed. No more getting messages from half the people I talk to on a regular basis unless they transition to text or something else. **INSERT BILBO-ESQUE COMMENT ABOUT LIKING PEOPLE AND SUCH**

Someone unfriended me, too. That was the interesting part. I didn't have that many friends to begin with. But someone took the hacking opportunity to unfriend me. How marvelous. They had probably wanted to for a while, but this was a good excuse, wasn't it?

Now that the messages and notifications and two-factor authentication activities have all been and gone, I'm once more left with...Facebook.



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