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Zipper Got Stuck

A garage workshop with tools on the walls.
This is not a good example of what my garage will look like when I am finished.

Yeah, so it's been half a year. So what?

The truth is, I felt that there have been a lot...I mean...A LOT...of people who have been doing this Drivel thing way better than I ever could. And, uh, people been, yeah.

But with the year coming to a close, I thought it was time to warm up the good ol' yule tide drivel maker and see what oozes out.

This time of year always gets people looking back on the year that has passed, with those occasionally interesting "TOP 10 BLARGERSMYTHE MOMENTS" of the current year videos and lists popping up everywhere. I've seen a few the past week or so, but they appear to be less than before. Can't blame anyone, really. Who wants to look back on this one at all? It might end up being written out of the history books eventually.

Hey, didn't a Roman emperor do that? No, it was a Pope, I think. He wanted to be Pope in the year 1000, or something like that, so he had the calendar skip over some years. Nobody noticed. It was fine.

So as part of getting back into what I like to refer to as "The Drivel State of Mind", I've been diving into my current house project: The garage.

We want the garage to be a workspace for some of our maker machines. I've got a couple 3D printers that I haven't used in a while (Sweet freedom, oh how you were missed!), just bought a new resin printer that I am holding off on setting up until I finish the project, a vacuum former that's never even been opened, and some other stuff* that needs to have some space.

But I waited. I waited until we had enough cold time to kill most of the creepies and the crawlies. They don't really bug me. I just don't like getting bitten. I know some people who do. Nice people. Little shifty. Probably the lyme.

Oh, right, the garage. So there I was, in the garage, and it hit me. I'm in the process of building my own garage-based workshop, just like my favorite cartoon eccentric inventor and mechanic whose hijinks and misadventures have been a major influence in my life for some time now. I think we all know who I'm talking about. He's pretty much the smartest scientist that ever was.


Oh, you thought I was talking about somebody else? I'll not deny that certain other garage-lab based cartoon scientists are also awesome, but I think we all know by now which one stole my heart first. And DeeDee is kind of a Morty...sorta.

So yes, that is how I, as a humble guy who realized all too soon that he had somehow amassed three whole truckloads (An F-150 ain't no small truck, mind you!) of cardboard in his garage since December of last year, will join the ranks of the greats. I will soon be running my printers, vacuum forming, and doing some other stuff with like a heat press I think, and making all kinds of cool things in my own garage-based laboratory. That's what I'm calling it, and you can't say otherwise.

Just gotta work on the cartoon part now, and I'll be all set for, like, life!

Also, as you may or may not be aware, creators have been really hit hard this year. If you gained any enjoyment or entertainment at all from reading about the return of Tuesday Drivel, please consider clicking the link to my Ko-Fi HERE or above in the header and helping this writer get the necessary (not recommended, but necessary!) daily dose of caffeine, I would be most grateful and forever** produce drivel for your continued enjoyment.

Thank you for reading, intrepid driveler, and may the drivel ever find you just in time, right before the reals get to have their say.


*Like, other stuff, ya know? A heat press, maybe a snap press, probably a sewing machine or serger of some kind. I dunno. Stuff.

**That's a really loose term. Probably not legally binding. I mean, I'm not immortal. Although, you can take this as permission to sit my corpse in front of a keyboard to see if anything happens. Maybe after the flesh is gone. Yeah, just the bones. Nobody wants a bloat thrall sitting around. Bones. Say that word out loud a couple times. It's a cool word to say. Bones.

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