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The Value of Feedback

A galactic star field.

A friend commented to me a couple of days ago that I have not been writing enough lately. 

It was not meant as a criticism. It was not meant to chastise any laziness that had been observed. 

No, the comment was only meant to tell me that my writing had been missed, and that it would be a good thing if I got back to my regular schedule, which has been disrupted for the past couple of weeks.  

My writing had been missed. 

That thought has been going through my head since I realized that was what my friend was saying. 

It’s a small thing, really, what was said, and the effect was, perhaps, unintended. 

The effect I speak of is just simply the realization that what I’m writing here, on Patreon, and also elsewhere, is being enjoyed by readers. 

Maybe not a lot of readers, yet. But those readers are special to me. 

They are the readers who will tell me, in this critical time in my development and struggle to write something of consequence, that I am not alone. 

Sure, I alone may be the one who has to put the words onto the page, to construct the story and finish the work, but I think I’ve begun to understand the concept that no writer should be alone in their struggle to bring a story to life. 

I know, it’s a lot to get out of such a simple comment. 

But what if I’m right, and all the rest is actually what was said?


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