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The Inclusive Hypocrites

A Tweet: A 60-year-old fat white dude running his SUV's air conditioning at full blast sitting in a parking lot in beautiful 20-degree weather is basically everything that's wrong with the world today.

I agree with 30 of the 31 words in this sentence (counting the hyphenated words as one word each).

I'll get right to the point, though, which is a question:

In our current social climate of inclusivity and understanding, why is using a person's weight as a pejorative adjective still acceptable?

Let me state it another way.

Do you really think that fat-shaming people will get them to listen to your point of view?


Yep, I'm overweight. This hits home. But you know what? That means I can write about it, and that means I can call out the hypocrites who still believe, somehow, that this kind of thing is okay.

I think inclusivity is a great thing. We need to be able to listen to one another on an equal ground and accept one another where we, and they, are.

I checked out the rest of this person's Twitter feed. Greatly outspoken support for the LGBTQ+ community, anti-racism supporter, all the positives one would look for in someone you'd want to like.

But....a fat-shamer?

Nope. I think I'm done with people like that. They don't get it. They claim to get it. They claim that they accept people.

But they don't.

Think of it, right now. How often do you classify people by their weight? How often do you use "fat" as a pejorative? I would imagine it's often used to describe someone of an opposite political or social stance from your own, but if you do that, there's a hard truth you need to be aware of, whether you accept it or not.

You're still just as bad as you claim they are.

Shame on you.

Be better.


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