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Stalling Out

A weekly planner page.
Tuesday, 10AM, Post Drivel. Rest of week, relax.

Guess what? I’m writing this Tuesday Drivel on Monday afternoon. 


This past week I’ve had to stop actual progress on the WiP novel and try to actually grow as a writer. 

By that, I mean that I’ve had to sit down and start a chapter synopsis and stop winging it from plot point to plot point. I know it’s a more grown-up and responsible writer thing to do, and I am enjoying finding out parts of the story that at this point would have taken me months to get to. I actually had a surprising amount of this stuff already figured out, just not ordered in a way that would actually help me write anything any easier. 

I guess my problem, if you could call it that, with the process, is that it feels a bit like planning to plan. 

I use a planner. It helps. Mostly. At least I don’t get too lost during a week if I can help it, and the planner helps with that. 

But a synopsis feels like a….pre-first draft. 

Blah blah, writing advice, blah. 

Here’s the thing about writing advice. It’s all trash. Well, except for the one piece of advice that actually isn’t. 

Yep, it’s all trash, but for any variation of this concept: “Write.”

That’s a full sentence. And, it’s a good sentence. More importantly, it’s an imperative sentence. An imperative is an order, a command, an expression from one person to another that something must be done, has to be done. 

In this case, writing. 

How, when, how much, what kind, how often (we can explore that one in several ways, though), how carefully, why, what, none of that really matters. 

Nike the crap out of that stuff. 

I’m not sure I’m a successful enough writer to be saying that all the writing advice that doesn’t tell you to just write is junk, but I’m going to say it now and hope that some day I will be. 

That’s called writing a check my body, or ego, or my actual bank account, can’t cash. 

In fact, don’t listen to me. 

Don’t write. 


About anything. 

Waste of time.

Can’t pay a bill with it anyway, so why do it?

Did I just digest?


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