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(Part 2) – Or….Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Magnifying glass looking at an object with the word "Searching..." at the bottom.
If you need a magnifying glass to find someone's brain, well....

So, I had this written and ready to go for yesterday (You know, actual Tuesday, the day I’m supposed to drivel?), but the course of the day took me in a very different direction in regards to what all got done. Nothing worth going into, but I felt that my original Tuesday Drivel was still worth a posting. And delaying it by a week is never timely. 

So, here you go….

“Why so glum?”

“Cause I can’t figure out what to drivel about this week.”

“But….so much has happened this week! You should have plenty of fodder.”

“So much has happened? Like what?”

“Well, there was the Super Bowl on Sunday….”

“You mean the one with the lowest number of watchers in ten years, the lowest score ever, and now another endless year of ‘Brady is the best ever!’ crap that half the Steelers fans I’m friends with will complain about endlessly?”

“Yeah, um….well there was the Liam Nee….”

“Nope. Gonna stop you right there. Move on.”

“Okay. How about that one guy who accused your buddy of just wanting to line his pockets with tournament fees?”

“Oh yeah! I was enraged by something I saw on the internet! That’s a perfect topic. Okay….here goes.”

F^@( that guy.

“I’m satisfied with that. Got anything else?”

“Three words? That’s all you could muster about that?”

“What do you want? Should I call him out, challenge him to duel, and publicly berate his stupidity for all the world to see what a jackass he is?”

“Seemed to work with Lia….”

“NO! I told you that wasn’t going to be a topic this week.”

“I think I’m out of ideas at this point.” 

“Fine. I’ll take it from here, as usual. Why do I even talk to you if you’re never a help?”

“Because I’m trapped in here, and I never shut up unless you talk to me once in a while.”

“….I will end you one day.”

“Keep trying, buttercup.”

Please, let something more interesting happen this week. At least something I can turn into a nice little meandering piece about nothing at all, like these are supposed to be. 

Otherwise, this happens. And none of us want more of this. 

But seriously, f^@( that guy. 


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