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Our Day with Maisel

Dog laying on blanket.
Sweet Maisel

For about 8 hours yesterday, we had a dog. She was cute. She was sweet. She was friendly and loved us immediately. We had to call her something. So I named her Maisel. 

Then we found her owner. 

I was not as mean to the owner as I wanted to be. Now here’s the thing: Dogs can and will get out of their boundaries. It just happens. 


There is NO reason not to have some kind of identification on your dog. Tags? Nope. Chip? Nope. A nice collar, sure, but there was nothing on the collar. Nothing to help us find the owner. We got lucky (did we….did we, really?). Maisel got lucky. The owners are the luckiest of all because I didn’t chew them out about letting their dog be without so way to find her way home. 

Her name isn’t Baby. It’s Maisel. 

And speaking of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, have you seen that show yet? It’s nothing short of brilliant and amazing, worth the price of admission to Prime Video alone. Get it. Watch it. I am not a paid endorser of anything to do with it. I’m recommending it for your own good. You will thank me later. Heck, thank me now. Support me on Patreon. (Now that is a shameless endorsement!) Tell your friends to come support me on Patreon. There. You thanked me. 

I have a list of people to thank this week, starting with a player in my RPG group who, for the sake of protecting the guilty, shall remain nameless and is named Patrick. 

He nearly killed us all. I think there were two out of eight of us left standing after he decided to self-detonate his character inside an enclosed workshop area. I was not one of the two. 

Bloody brilliant. 

Made the group totally forget that my character shouted a question that alerted the whole previous room of guys to our presence before we were ready. In my defense, nobody even got bloodied in that fight….Patrick.

Did we live? Yes. Do we trust Patrick anymore? Let’s just say I’ve thought of a new use for the desktop computer tower I looted in the previous room. Think Fezzik. Now you’re gettin’ it. 

Oh, the BattleTech boxes from last week? Yeah, one of the BattleMechs inside the bigger box was broken on arrival. I have things to say about that, and most of them don’t belong even here. Let’s just say that I’ve placed myself on a good, long cooldown from purchasing items from a certain company until there’s a changing of the guard. I will be waiting for a while. I am prepared. Illidan would be proud. 

It’s time to go now. I’ve just run out of things to talk about, and a new 40k book is calling my name. I have to take it outside and douse it with purifying holy flames.

Because books shouldn’t be talking. 

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