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Not with a Drivel, But with a Sigh

Stone house with gravel walkway and stone wall in front.
"Drivel Manor" the new homestead of Tuesday Drivel

It's Wednesday. Not exactly the best day for a Tuesday Drivel, but I'm not picky.

My last two weeks have been consumed with getting Tuesday Drivel to its new home, away from my abandoned Patreon and into a proper blog of its own. I've learned a lot this past week.

The last job I had in anything remotely resembling website management, design, or building was working for a small company that handled websites for salons in the beauty industry.

Wordpress is not the same beast it was 6+ years ago, which was the last time I was exposed to this world in any meaningful way, and my initial attempts to get what I wanted out of it were met with frustration.

Then I was watching YouTube, as I usually do when I'm at my computer. Which is always. I'm watching it right now, actually. You don't know it, but a whole video punctuated the middle of that last sentence. And that one, too.

The point is, I found out what worked for me. And it was not Wordpress. But this post is not a commercial about who I went with instead. Unless they'd like to make it a commercial for them.

Are you listening? I'll plug you if you give me some perks.

You know, it's 2019. I shouldn't say I'm gonna "plug" a guy anymore. I think that used to mean something different. I don't know. I'm not a gangster from a Dick Tracy comic. That was a great movie. Underrated, actually. Watch it some time. It's a nice treat from some other stuff you'll see nowadays.

So yeah, the Drivel is back. And speaking of, this is the part where I ask for your help in keeping it back. It's pretty simple, actually. There's a button up at the top of the page that says "Buy Dave a Ko-fi." If you click that button, or the link that I cleverly inserted into the previous sentence, you can throw a coffee my way, and help keep the Drivel alive.

It's okay if you don't. I'm just glad you read far enough to decided you didn't want to.

And that's why I did all of this.

Welcome to the new home of the Drivel.


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