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Next on the Agenda

A weekly planner with weekly plans filled in.
Plans are for amateurs.

No, it’s not that kind of agenda. I’m not that organized. Even if I was, as I said last week, it’s not like you can schedule drivel. This stuff just has to happen. 

Take what you’re reading right now. This is the fourth draft of drivel so far today. The previous three weren’t even about this at all. Nothing like it. So if this draft makes it to the end, have fun wondering about what the previous three drafts that I completely deleted had in them. I don’t even know at this point. 

Which brings me to the topic for this draft: agendas. 

You know, they’re kinda funny things. By definition, they exclude everything that doesn’t fit in with them. Minor stuff like what to have for breakfast, or even when to get an oil change, can be affected by an agenda. 

But many times agendas also rule how we interact with others, the friends we gain, keep, and lose, and how the world in general see us. 

Let’s take someone who’s really political. I don’t care who they are. Left, right, middle, anarchist, it doesn’t matter. People who run their lives by a political agenda are usually the easiest to use here because they’re so loud about it. 

Hey, I know! I’ll beat someone over the head repeatedly with my political views until they agree with me or are dead. 

Most of the time this isn’t a literal dead. Nowadays it’s usually a social death. 

And those influencers with both power and an agenda to uphold have tremendous power. 

I wonder, then, if we’re letting them off easy by not holding them to the higher standard to which we supposedly hold other people with power?

Oh, there I go again, trying to make sense of it all. 

That’s just it. It doesn’t make any sense at all. People disagree. People fight about their disagreements. More and more often, lives get ruined because of a social disagreement. 

Let’s just bring back honor duels. 

I’m thinking Hamilton might even agree with that at this point. 


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