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July Recap, and August Ahead

A long, straight, tree-lined, two lane road.
No, I didn't ask the man for directions.

Over all, I’m really pleased with the way that July turned out in terms of writing and what all I was able to share with you. 

Tuesdays continue to be my favorite day of the week, as the Tuesday Drivel pieces have proven to be a great way to get some people engaged with the page. 

So last week I said I’d come to a decision on which story to focus on for the Patreon for the time being, and guess what? It’s changing again, but I need to explain. 

I originally decided to focus on the Sci-Hex stories, following Lieutenant Parl and Captain Davron into the depths of what their hexxer sense could do and Parl’s quest to regain her memory. 

In re-writing some of the earlier pieces, I realized the format for Sci-Hex has to change, and change it has. Instead of a series of flash/short stories, after a short stop at “Is This Story Really a Novella?” station, Lieutenant Parl’s story is now being written as a full-on science fiction novel, with a target word count of 65k-75k words. 

I don’t want to put the Patreon through the process of me working on the Sci-Hex novel, so I’ve decided to go back to the Tales of Abbervale series for the Patreon. 

I love this series just as much as Sci-Hex, but the way I’m telling this story is a better fit for serialization. At least, I think it is.

But that’s not to say that Sci-Hex will disappear completely. I’ll still find ways to update you all on the story, and I will want beta readers for my chapters as I finish them.

Anybody up for that? I might make changes to the supporter tiers to include the option to become a beta reader. But that’s not a concern at the moment.  

Anyway, so beginning next week (I know, this week was sparse on material. A lot of it had to do with helping my wife get out the door to a trade show.) I will resume my regular schedule of Tuesday Drivel and Thursday Fiction releases. I will also be doing more, smaller posts throughout the other days of the week, as they become relevant or needed. 

As far as the Patreon itself, well, it’s not yet growing, but I also have not expected much growth in these first couple of months. Technically the number of patrons has dropped by about half from the number it was when I started, but the truth about that is the number was a left over from my previous run with Patreon. 

Now, I think we’re at the real current number of actively reading patrons. 

That said, please do share the page if you feel like it. 

Thank you all for your support and feedback thus far. I’ll keep writing, so I hope you will enjoy continuing to read it. 



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