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It's the Little Lessons That Count

A box containing a robot hedgehog STEM project.
R. Ricky Spanish

I'm waiting on an order to ship.

I placed this order last week with some store credit and a deep discount that I used to pick up two Gundam kits that I have been wanting for a while.

But the place I ordered them from is in Daytona Beach, Florida. Now, for those of you coming across this after the fact, this is the very day that Hurricane Dorian is supposed to be hitting Florida. Look it up on Google if you don't know about it. Since I'm writing this on the day, I have no idea what the true impact of the hurricane is going to be. Could be a pip-squeak. Could change the face of Florida. No idea.

But back to the point. I want my stuff. They're not in the office today.

It's a lesson that I hope you've already caught on to, but if you haven't, I will let you in on it:


Well, me in this case. It's not that I'm learning this lesson for the first time or anything, I just thought it would be a good time to point it out in case others needs to know it. It's a good lesson to learn. I'm waiting for two model kits, and other people, the very people I am waiting on to send me my model kits, could be running for their lives at this very moment.

There's just so much to think about there. How much should I care? How much caring about it is necessary for me to be considered a "good" person? Can I over care about this?

I think we ask ourselves those questions every day. At least, I hope most of us do. I try to, but I don't always succeed. That's the real struggle. But we don't like struggle.

Anyway, the picture above is of my latest birthday present, which was two days ago at time of writing.

My favorite small animal is a hedgehog, and the people who care about me most know this as a fact.

Thus, Robo Ricky Spanish, "Robo Ricky" as I will call him, is sitting on the table waiting for me to assemble him. A most agreeable placation from my wife's adamant stance that we not get me an actual hedgehog for a pet, ever.

It eats AAA batteries and doesn't poop. I think. I mean, I know it eats AAA batteries, but I admit I'm only guessing about the poop thing. It could poop. I have no idea. Toys these days do all sorts of stuff.

But hey, I think I got this, according to the age group I fall into on the front of the box.

Robo poop.


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