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I Needed That

A setting sun over the ocean from the beach.
Something deep about the beach. Yeah.

“But I don’t want to write about negative things.”

“That’s easy. Write about positive things.”

“It’s easy? Okay, you try it out, then.”

“I didn’t mean it was easy for me. I meant that it was easy for you.”

“Why would it be easy for me and not easy for you?”


“Don’t say it.”

“….I mean….”

“You better not finish that thought!”

“….you are….”

“I’m going to murder you!”

“….a writer.”



“You’re dead to me.”

“Oh come on, now.”

“WHAT?! Holy crap, is that a gggggg….GHOST?!”

“I hate it when you do this.”

“I don’t care about what ghosts hate.”

“I’m leaving.”

“Sweet! They all need to call me now because I’m a Ghostbuster!”

“No you’re not!”

“Crap! Another ghost!”


“This one sounds like a downer. Maybe I’ll write about something positive to cheer it up.”

“I’m going to murder you!”

“Awesome! That’ll make me a….”

“NO! Don’t say it!”



“Thanks for this talk. I really needed it.”

“Will you go to sleep now?”



Picture from here.

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