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I'm Not Paying for That

Pair of hands holding a Smart Phone.
Does this mean I'm on the YouTubes?

I keep getting told that Google Docs, and subsequently Google Drive and all those other Google services, is what I should really be using. If it’s free to use, then it’s inherently better. 

So, even though you won’t know it just by reading this, I have decided to type today’s Tuesday Drivel using Google Docs. 

You can tell, can’t you? I knew it. 

Well, can’t blame me for trying. I’ll return to the regular methods next week. For now, though, I must soldier on and drivel as I may. 

So this is it, the first week of the behind the scenes content. There’s already one installment up behind the curtain. 

Click here to read “The Dive”, the next installment in Kindra’s story. 

What I have learned so far this week:

I don’t know anything about InstagramPatreon’s phone app still leaves a bit to be desired. My RPG group now loves another GM more than me agree with my RPG group need help (open to wide interpretation)Google Docs is okay.

Considering that it’s only Tuesday morning by the time this post goes live, that’s a lot of stuff for only two days. I suppose I could treat it more like a “in the week since the last drivel”, but do you really expect me to remember what I’ve learned that far back? 

Did I really learn it if I can’t remember it?

There’s a spousal argument in there somewhere. 


….And that’s why I can never go back to the Holiday Inn in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. 

Let that be a lesson to you all to always check before you flush. 


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