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Getting Back into the Drivel of Life

Boxes containing plastic model kits.

Mid-November. Nil progress on the WiP since late October. Looming deadline of December 31st. 

Believe it or not, these are the things that aren’t causing me stress. Just about everything else is, though, well, that’s different. 

I don’t even know where to start. From being threatened (in writing, mind you), to nearly getting taken out by a sinus infection courtesy of Southern California’s many varieties of tree jizz, to learning that people don’t like it when you point out if a job posting is complete and total crap, I’d say I’m doing pretty well on average. 

But very little of that matters, thanks to the return of a true love of my teenage life that I now am already enjoying way more as an adult. 

That love is Gundam. 

It’s probably no surprise to many of you that I love mecha, giant robots, and sci-fi in general, and while I’ve been enjoying many of these things as an adult, I had somehow forgotten my love for the many anime series and the plastic model kits that comprise the majority of Gundam fandom. Until recently. 

So that’s really it. 

As Stewie would say, “I’m a Gundam guy now. “


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