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A Promise Fulfilled

Art drawing of a super powered magician with a cape.
Ronald Greymagick, the self-proclaimed new Sorcerer Supreme

I haven’t done a Tuesday Drivel since February. It was around then that I stopped doing weekly work for my Patreon and concentrated on completing my already behind schedule novel manuscript.

I am happy with the decision. It was a good one. The manuscript has been drafted, sent to, and returned by a copy editor, and I am in the process of getting it ready for the query process. I am sure that you, my faithful and supportive, and soon-to-be-faithful and supportive, readers will get to hear all about the ongoing process as that unfolds.

The one part about my Patreon that I really liked was the Tuesday Drivel segment. Every Tuesday, or as nearly as I could manage it, I made a post talking about whatever. No, that’s the end of the sentence. The Tuesday Drivels are about whatever. That’s the point of them.

Or is that not the point?

Look, the point is that I’ve decided to bring them back on their own. I’m shutting down the Patreon (never much liked that platform anyway), and I’m in the process of moving over and setting up as the new home for my whatevers.

And in that process, I have decided to set up a Ko-fi account to give those who enjoy the whatevers a chance to support their continuance.

So, we’re still under construction here, but Tuesday Drivel is back!


I tweeted about setting up a Ko-fi, and I cheekily set my first goal as just One Coffee, daring someone on Twitter to complete the goal with the promise that I would write today’s Tuesday Drivel about them.

And here it is. This one’s all about you.

So what I’m sure is well over ten years ago or so now, a gaming buddy and his gaming buddy formed an RPG group that would change my life.

For the better? Sure. Let’s go with that.

Well, the GM (Gamemaster), the guy who runs the game, of the group and I have kept in touch over the years, and today he reminded of what has become one of the most repeatedly referenced moments in the RPG campaign that we played all those years ago.

I will set the stage:

We, the players, were all minor villains in a world suddenly robbed of all super heroes. Alien invasion, sinister plots, blah blah. That’s how it worked.

So we’re on this mission to find a guy in an apartment building. We get the guy. The building is on fire. We need to get out of there.

And then someone, I honestly can’t remember who, mentions that there are a TON of other people in the apartment building that is literally crumbling around us.

To which, my character makes the declaration, “Everyone who can be saved, has been saved.”

The GM and the other players stared at me with mostly unblinking eyes for a few moments before anybody said anything else.

My buddy, when he found his voice, agreed. And that was that. We left. The building burned down. TONS of people died.

The was apparently supposed to be one of those character turning points, ya know, where a higher power (the GM) gives you a chance to be a better person. Yeah, kinda smeared poo all over that particular opportunity.

But it was a learning experience.

I don’t mean for me. I mean for the GM.

It was apparent that he still hadn’t completely learned the lesson when, a few sessions later, I led the discussion in re-writing an entire adventure’s worth of planning because I thought one detail was stupid, giving rise to the ever-present and recurring phrase that every gaming group I have since been in has managed to utter at some point:


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