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A Healthy Unbalance

A Xiphon Interceptor from the Horus Heresy tabletop game, painted in White Scars Legion colors.
The first model I painted in my current marathon leading up to an event.

Sometimes, a perfectly balanced life is just not possible. Something always moves in and wants more attention than the rest of everything else.

Some people will say this is just life. Others may caution against letting this become the normal way things are done.

I have a different approach that is too simplistic for most, I would wager, but it works for me.

So what gets priority, and how do I decide?

Take Tuesday Drivel as for instance. I haven't posted here in over two weeks, and that's fine. I've done a bit of traveling and generally been living life.

Sounds glamorous, right? Sounds like I've learned to step away, get some perspective, and put some balance into my activities, right?


I have straight up been neglecting Tuesday Drivel. I could have been doing it this whole time.


Don't regret it.

And no, that's not the same as, "I just needed to put it away," or, "I just had to put down for a while." Nope. None of that here. I just didn't do it.

Why is this an important distinction to make? What have I been doing instead?

I've been painting models. Yep. That's what I've been doing. Well, and waiting for my beta readers to get back to me about my manuscript.

Nevertheless, I know that you, my faithful readers and true believers, want to know what I've been doing. Here's the rundown:

Escaped captivity, drove many miles, played card games, was suspected of being a meth dealer, entertained children, rolled dice, listened to ghost stories, and decided once and for all that I'm done with something.

There. Now you know everything.

And since you know everything, can you please...PLEASE tell me why Taco Bell decided to stop serving Enchurritos, even though they still have ALL of the ingredients to make them?

Seriously, I could walk into a Taco Bell and order sides of all the ingredients separately, and then proceed to sit down in their restaurant and assemble my own Enchurrito, right in front of them.

Wendy's did just bring their spicy chicken, though, so maybe I go there until the pain and confusion fade.

D. G.

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