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A Barren Rock

A picture of the surface of the moon.
You can see here the giant space worm, asleep in its den.

“You know, you really shouldn’t have such a downer outlook on our situation.”

“Um, did you miss the part where WE’RE ON A DESERTED ISLAND?!”

“Deserted, or just waiting for resupply?”


“No, no, go with me on this one. We don’t have any any supplies right now, and a ship hasn’t come by in a really long time, but the positive side is that we’ve got these rocks to keep up company. Oh, and these two dried up coconut shells.”

“I’m….going to sit over here for a while and see about making a swim to that island in the distance. Three ships have headed that way in the last few weeks. It appears to have trees and stuff. I bet I can make the swim.”

“Why even try? We’ve got plenty to do here. Look what I just did while you were talking just now. I’ve propped one of the coconut shells on top of one of the rocks, and if you do the same over there, we can pretend that they’re shooting lasers at each other.”

“So, you’re just going to ignore that we’re officially out of food, water, and, thanks to that last tropical storm, shelter?”

“What? No! We’ve got plenty here, on this rock. Look! I just dug up a small….hmmm….this looks like some kind of grub, or maybe it’s a burrowing turtle. I don’t know, but hey, it’s something new! Eh? Eh? I just got you something new to look at! Maybe try to eat it?”

“That’s not a grub or a turtle! It’s the parrot carcass you buried last week in a delirium that if you let it alone for a while it would come back with new feathers and be edible all over again. Food doesn’t work that way!”

“Well….I’m hurt. You’re not even trying to enjoy yourself anymore.”

“Not even trying….What….How….Do you even hear yourself anymore?”

“Of course I do, and if we wait just a little longer, things will turn around. This little turtle is going to be the turning point. It’s kinda retro. I might call it Leona….”

“NO! Just don’t. Clever references and throwback art aren’t going to make the parrot carcass into something edible.”

“But….Leo is a turtle. See? He’s shed his feathers and now is growing a shell….of bone looking stuff.”

“Screw this crap. I’m out. It’s been fun, but if you want to die here, I obviously can’t stop you.”

“I think you’re overreacting. The ship is scheduled to come soon. Remember the last carrier parrot that brought the message that they had to stop everywhere else first before coming here? That means they’re on the way.”

“The last carrier parrot. Yeah, I remember that. You buried it and are now trying to sell it to me as a turtle.”

“Was that the same parrot? Huh….”


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