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“We’re Killing It”

Wing of plane over clouds.
Just a plain picture.

That’s what my wife just said to me. Let me explain.

I’m writing this on a plane.

So far we’ve discovered that both of our laptops have no power, we were supposed to have downloaded the Southwest app before boarding the plane, and I can’t sign into my Google account on my iPad because of 2-step authentication, unless I want to pay ANOTHER $8 to also get my phone WiFi access.

Oh, and this iPad keyboard is like four words behind where I’m typing.

But there is a bright side.

Nothing else on Earth makes me feel more overweight and more uncomfortable than air travel. At least Southwest has a policy that is more favorable to “persons of size” than the other airlines, but it still isn’t a comfortable experience.

Just because I have the seat next to me reserved doesn’t mean I don’t get chair gap up my crack if I try sit so I have enough room to breathe.

There‘s a lot more inflammatory things to say here, and on any other day I might pick that fight with no one in particular.

But not today. No, today I know exactly how I want to finish the short story I’m trying to finish and precisely how I want to rewrite the first two chapters of my current book to fit with the changes the story has taken on.

But remember the laptop problem? Yeah...

You might have got this far and been thinking that all I’m doing today is complaining. Maybe you’d be right.

So let me end on a positive note.

For each person who does me a solid and supports me through Ko-Fi (link at top right of page) so that I can get a latte when I get off this accursed airplane, I will write a Tuesday Drivel that has absolutely no complaining in it whatsoever.

You want positive Dave? Now you can make that happen.

The power is yours! (Did I steal that? Might have stolen that.)


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